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Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Why Independent Living? 5 Top Reasons

Are you ready to realize the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

If you’ve long imagined freedom and fulfillment waiting ahead, have you ever wondered if you could find maintenance-free and healthy living, all with the convenience of having everything in one place?

The answer is yes. And it’s called independent living.

Benefits of independent living

These communities attract active adults ready to live life to the fullest and who are not willing to settle. After years of work and responsibility, this opportunity is now theirs.

If you’re not yet familiar with all the advantages and why you may want to say “yes” when asking if independent living could be for you, start by looking at just 5 of the many benefits you’ll find.

1. A private maintenance-free residence and continued independent lifestyle

Often referred to as the best of both worlds, independent living communities offer you a private residence and everything you need to continue living independently.

You’ll remain in complete control of your life and will be making all of your own decisions.

So what will you miss out on if you leave your current home?

  • The weight of maintenance, including painting, window replacement and roof repair.

  • Heating, cooling and maintaining empty rooms in a house that are no longer used.

  • Performing the work or hiring someone to keep up with your lawn and landscape.

When it comes to having life on your terms, one of the great benefits of independent living is that you can enjoy your privacy but just walk out the door when you’d like to enjoy the company of others.

2. Opportunities to meet and make new friends

Interacting with others is one of the most important things you can do to better your physical and emotional health. But it can become more difficult to get together as you grow older.

People’s lives change, they move to be near grandchildren or you may be the one who relocated. You might experience the loss of a friend or family member. It can also become more of a challenge to get to events or attend special occasions if you begin driving less.

But making new friends is a great advantage of an independent living community. You may run into your neighbors while having lunch or dinner or get to know fellow residents while taking a water aerobics or art class together.

You’ll appreciate the many opportunities and activities which create a natural setting to socialize. Finding so many who share so much in common is often an unexpected surprise.

3. Support for optimum physical and cognitive health

It has never been as important as it is right now to take care of yourself – and the great news is that it’s never too late to start.

There may also not be an easier place to do just that than when you move into an independent living community.

Many include fitness centers, exercise equipment and other physical activities to help you stay in shape but have fun while you’re doing it. Look for communities that offer swimming, pickleball, golf or tennis or other options that you would enjoy.  

And when it comes to your cognitive health? The opportunities you’ll find at an independent living community go far beyond playing brain games. Although you’ll find activities to learn new skills or challenge your thinking, remember that participating in social events can make a large impact on your brain health.

4. A chance to eat healthy while letting someone else do the cooking

As we grow older, we can become tired after a lifetime of planning meals, shopping, cooking and of course the clean-up. And yet it is so important to eat balanced and nutritious meals.

Not only can a good diet provide energy, weight control and keep your body and mind performing at their best levels, it may also prevent some diseases, such as

  • Osteoporosis

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart disease

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Certain types of cancers

The challenge when we become older is that we may need fewer calories but we still rely on the right nutrients to fuel our bodies and minds. Independent living can help with that as well.

You’ll find a wide variety of menu choices, prepared to be both delicious and nutritious. All you’ll need to do is choose what to order and then enjoy.

5. Convenient activities and opportunities to stay socially active

Why independent living? One great answer is that they provide all you need to stay socially connected.

An engaging social life can make all the difference in your ability to age well. It may even add years to your life. Take a moment to compare the opportunities you currently have while living in your home.

And then imagine everything that independent living can offer.

Review their monthly calendar of activities when you visit a community. There is something for everyone to enjoy. You’ll also find planned social events, either on-site or possibly in the city, with the arrangements and transportation taken care of.

With so much to choose from and all of it convenient, it’s easy to see why so many seniors choose to make an independent living community their new home.

How Ingleside at Rock Creek Independent Living can help

If this is the type of living you’ve always imagined, we hope you’ll say yes to independent living and we invite you to become part of our community.

You’ll find Rock Creek Independent Living is designed to support your efforts to age well and to live life to the fullest.

Opportunities to engage and improve both your emotional health and quality of life is waiting. You’ll discover: 

  • The advantages of good physical health by using our fitness and health facilities. 

  • How easy it is to eat well with our delicious, chef-prepared menu choices. 

  • The benefits of staying active as you join others in entertaining or educational programs.

  • Meeting and making new friends at our many social activities.

You’ll also have the choice of a spacious one or two bedroom floor plan with a full sized kitchen, large windows that flood your living space with natural light, safety features and underground parking.

If you would like more information about senior living, please download our complimentary Step-by-Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision, Choosing the Right Senior Living Community.

Please visit our website for more information. Call (202) 846-2651 if you have any questions or schedule a personalized tour today.

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