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Posted: Thursday, November 5, 2020

Moving to Independent Living? Tips to make it home

If you’ve made the decision to move into an independent living community, you may be considering how to make this new space truly your own.

Where we live matters. In fact, we want to create the kind of surroundings that welcome us home as soon as we walk through the front door.

So, what steps can you take to create the right atmosphere for the exciting new lifestyle that awaits ahead?

How to make your new home reflect who you are

If you’re looking for ideas, consider these suggestions to tap your inner interior designer:

1. Begin with your options

When researching or visiting communities, ask what type and style of homes are available. There might also be location choices, including what floor, if the building is multi-story, what direction your view will be or the proximity to the elevator.

There should be a selection in floor plans which might include a studio, one or two bedrooms. They may also offer one with a home office or den that could easily be used as a guest room if needed. And ask about any options to personalize your home by choosing kitchen countertops, flooring materials or paint colors.  

Of course, your choices will depend on which homes are available when you’re looking but if you really have your heart set on one option over the other, it may be possible to put your name on a waiting list.

2. Get a copy of your home’s floor plan with measurements

Once you’ve chosen your initial layout, it’s time to start coming up with decorating ideas. Make sure to request a floor plan with dimensions, or take measurements yourself, so you know how much space you’ll have. Don’t rely on your memory for room sizes.

Measurements will help you decide what furniture you may be able to bring with you, including your sofa, chairs and tables. If you’re moving from a large home with an oversized master bedroom, you may decide it’s better to downsize to a queen mattress and smaller dresser.

Another choice may be to shop for just the right-sized pieces that will suit your new lifestyle. But either way, try arranging your furniture on your floor plan by cutting samples to scale. It’s much easier to move paper around than a heavy couch when trying to make up your mind.

3. Choose your décor and style

Decide what theme you’ll be choosing before you start shopping - or moving. If you’re working around furniture that you already have, take that into consideration as well.

You don’t need to embrace minimalism but less is often more when decorating a smaller space. Make sure there’s plenty of room to walk around the furniture and that there are no loose cords in the way, which can create a tripping hazard.

Don’t overlook multi-use furniture either. There are beautiful and functional choices, such as an ottoman that’s also a storage space or a coffee table that becomes a desk.

Carry your style through to your preferred lighting, including floor or table lamps. The right lighting can not only make a room inviting but creates a safer space.

4. Personalize your home to reflect who you are

Take a moment and notice what everyone who visits your current home can see. We all tend to display what is important to us - not only to share a part of our lives with others but also to have the pleasure of seeing these meaningful objects every day.

Make sure you do the same in your new home. Bring your fond and framed family photos and any collections that you may consider special. Do you have favorite pieces of art that you can either hang on the walls or display on a shelf?

Now’s a wonderful time to make your bedroom an inviting place to end each day. Consider shopping for a new cozy comforter, linens, and a quilt in just the right color and texture to lay across the foot of your bed. And don’t forget your favorite chair for reading.

5. Don’t overlook color, texture and using all your space

After you’ve had a chance to move in and put everything in its place, take a walk-through and get your first reaction.

If there seems to be something missing, consider adding plants by a patio door or window to thrive with the light. Plants have a way of not only bringing in vibrant colors and shapes but can be the perfect boost that nature provides.

If your space could use a little color, add a burst throughout each room with pillows or throws draped over the arm of a chair. Choose what you want to match your mood, perhaps a relaxing blue in the bedroom or bright yellow in the kitchen.

One last tip is to take advantage of all of your space. Walls are not only for hanging pictures but also for shelves. Is there an empty space by a window that could be home to a small desk? And look for the unexpected space, such as unused corners that could be turned into a comfy reading area or to hold floating shelves for knick-knacks.

Ingleside at Rock Creek Independent Living

In our community, you’ll find beautiful residences to choose from. We offer one, two and three-bedroom floor plans and also provide printable and dimensioned plans with suggested furniture placement to help get you started.

Life at Ingleside at Rock Creek also includes year-round programs and events, a fitness center, first-class amenities, chef-prepared meals and scheduled transportation. You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor setting of Rock Creek Park. And for those days when you’re looking for what the city has to offer, you’ll find you’re within easy access to Washington, DC.    

Call (202) 905-0018 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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