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Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Too young or too old? What’s the right age to move into Independent Living

Have you ever found yourself thinking that an Independent Living community could offer the perfect retirement, but then stopped because you believe you’re too young?

If you’re age 60+, you may want to pause and reconsider. Many mistakenly believe only those older would enjoy living there. But once you begin to discover all the advantages that a community can offer, you might want to ask yourself this question:

Is it really too soon to start a life filled with meaning, activities and friendship?

Age shouldn’t determine your lifestyle

Independent Living communities are designed for active adults. Their residents are ready to trade in the years of often overwhelming yet fulfilling responsibilities that may have included raising children and having a meaningful career. Although they wouldn’t have had it any other way, now they’re ready to experience time that they can truly call their own.

Read through the following and imagine what your days and nights could be like if you made the move.

And then ask yourself if you’re too young to…

1. Make new friends?

Most of us would say we can never have too many friends. And when you live in a community, that’s one worry you can cross off the list. Take part in one of the many activities offered, such as clubs, games, lectures, sporting activities and classes, and you’ll discover just how easy it is to meet those who share your interests.

Communities may also offer music concerts or make all the arrangements so residents can attend one in the city, complete with transportation. You’ll also cross paths with your neighbors in the common areas, such as the library, along the walking trails or gardens.

Not only will you find it natural to meet the others, but many also say that these new friends actually become more like family. Especially important for those whose own grown children live far away, it’s nice to know they can rely on each other.

2. Exercise and stay physically fit?

We all know the health advantages of exercise but it can be hard to stay motivated when it feels like work - or if the first challenge is just getting to the gym. Even those of us with the best intentions can find it easier to put it off until another day.

But what if you could walk outside your door and into a fitness center, complete with weights, equipment and classes where you could keep up with an exercise program that worked for you?

While variety might be the spice of life, it is also what can turn a regular routine into something enjoyable. Changes in your schedule can make a big difference in keeping boredom at a distance. Try weights one day, swimming the next and then spend time getting your heart rate up on the third. Or consider meeting friends for a yoga class where you all agree to go out for lunch after.

3. Let someone else do the cooking?

Imagine the treat of knowing that you no longer have to spend time deciding what to have for dinner every night. This also means you don’t have to create the menu, shop, prepare the meal and then clean up.

Your diet actually does influence your health though, so it’s important to eat balanced and nutritious meals. And if you have any dietary issues, you’ll need to take those into account.

Going out for dinner is easy when you live in a community with options. You’ll want delicious choices from the menu so look for those who offer chef-prepared selections. It’s also nice to change up the ambiance as well. How about a more casual café for lunch with friends or a more formal area for dinner.

4. No longer worry about your safety and security?

Our physical safety can become even more important to us as we grow older. It’s also vital for our security to be taken seriously where we live as well. When you’re considering different communities, you’ll want to look for those who have taken steps to make you feel safe.

A few of the options might include:

  • A 24-hour emergency response system in all residences
  • Onsite security staff
  • Fire prevention systems throughout the community
  • Lighted parking areas

Even though you’ll be living an independent life, it’s still nice to know that there is someone available if you should ever need assistance.

5. Enjoy a maintenance-free life?

Regardless of age, few people actually enjoy the chores and responsibilities of home-ownership. Weekends are often filled with house projects or maintenance, both inside and out. Looking back, it’s probably been a common experience to have spent hours either doing the repairs yourself or searching for someone reliable to take care of things.

But when you move into an Independent Living community, you can say goodbye to maintenance. In fact, those types of homeowner chores are no longer on your to-do list. You now get to leave that to someone else and spend your time as you wish.

Is Independent Living right for you?

If you’re 60+, Independent Living could be a good fit. And if you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits, why wait? But if you do need a little assistance, especially with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, getting dressed or managing your medications, you may want to consider an Assisted Living community. You’ll still have the chance to live an independent life and enjoy all the above benefits,  but just with a little help.

Ingleside at Rock Creek Independent Living

Our community has been specially created for those 60+ to begin enjoying all the advantages of an active retirement lifestyle. With weekly housekeeping and all interior and exterior maintenance included, you’ll have more time to call your own.

How might you spend your days? Here are a few of the many choices:

  • First-class amenities
  • A full social calendar of activities
  • Opportunities to easily meet your neighbors and make new friends
  • Fitness center and heated pool
  • Theater, library and card/game room
  • Elegant formal dining or café with chef-prepared meals
  • Access to world-class shopping, dining and entertainment in nearby Washington, D.C.

Call (202) 905-0018 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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