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Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Spring cleaning for the body and mind: a healthy self-assessment

As spring arrives, you may find yourself inspired to clean out closets and rethink everything you’ve been hanging onto. But it can also be a great time to take a second look at where you are physically and emotionally.

Making plans to exercise more, eat a healthier diet, or better nurture your friendships can result from the best intentions. Unfortunately, getting sidetracked is also common. But this can be the perfect time to self-assess where you are, where you want to be and what you may need to do to get there.

Examine your health

To get started, consider the fitness of both your body and mind. You can ask yourself the questions below to kick-start your evaluation or you can also find many online physical and psychological self-assessments to take. If you have concerns or feel that you’re stuck in making any desired changes, share your results with your doctor or health care team and ask for help.

Review these questions and rate your answers to get a better idea of where you stand. Consider your responses and think about whether you need a better plan to achieve your goals or if you just need a little nudge.

Psychological Wellness

Rate the following on a scale of Poor – Fair – Good - Excellent:

  • Your overall mental health
  • Feelings of self-acceptance and confidence
  • Relationships with spouse, parents and children
  • Relationships with friends or colleagues

Rate the following on a scale of Rarely – Sometimes – Somewhat often - Regularly

How often are you able to

  • Maintain a positive mood
  • Keep your concentration
  • Face challenges head-on

How often do you

  • Feel anxious, upset or cry
  • Keep your feelings to yourself
  • Become angry
  • Experience depression
  • Feel fear that interrupts your daily life
  • Feel stress
  • Experience feelings of guilt

Physical Wellness

Rate the following on a scale of Poor – Fair – Good - Excellent:

  • Overall health
  • Your energy level
  • Recovery times from colds or the flu
  • Your digestion
  • Bodyweight
  • Your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night

Rate the following on a scale of Rarely – Sometimes – Somewhat often - Regularly

How often do you

  • Exercise in a week
  • Have headaches, muscle or joint aches or other body pains
  • Wake up most mornings feeling refreshed
  • Eat balanced and nutritious meals
  • Take part in physical activities for recreation

 Resetting goals and changing behaviors

If you realize you’re not quite as healthy as you want to be, the good news is that becoming aware is half of the battle. The second half is resetting your goals and making the appropriate changes to bring about the desired results.

Start by choosing only one or two actions at a time. If there is an area that is causing you the most distress, begin there.

Remember that old habits are hard to change. That’s because they’ve become so ingrained in our daily life that we may no longer even notice when they occur so give yourself time.

The following are 5 suggestions to consider when you want to get back on track:

1. Develop a mindfulness

If it’s your weight you would like to change, pay attention to what, how much and when you’re eating. If your relationships could use shoring up, look at your interactions and be aware of opportunities to revise your behavior or response. Whatever the issue, study the behavior and brainstorm ideas for ways to change.

2. Create a plan

For the most success, clearly define your goals and how you’ll reach them with actionable steps. Get it out of your head and onto paper so you can see and understand what may need to be revised. Put in writing what success will look like so you’ll know it when you see it.

3. Commit to your success

Take your assessment seriously and promise to take care of yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in caring for others or to become so entrenched in your own negative self-talk that you may need a reminder that you actually can change. Decide what it will take and commit to yourself to put in the effort.

4. Make revisions when necessary

If every time you sit down to watch television you reach for a snack, break the connection if weight loss is the goal. Can you exercise while watching a program or reduce your screen time? If there is a trigger you can identify, it will be that much easier to eliminate and achieve success.

5. Don’t give up

Even if you slip, get back on your plan as soon as you can. Life doesn’t always provide an easy path so be forewarned that you’ll have off days. Prepare for how you’ll handle them in advance. It’s the continued trying that will eventually pay off and you’ll start to see more effective days than not.

Ingleside at Rock Creek Independent Living

In our community, you’ll find many opportunities to support both the health of your body and mind. We believe that living well is the best reward and our programs are developed to help you maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

We also understand that true wellness goes beyond physical health. Our programs include a focus on the spiritual, emotional, social, vocational, environmental and intellectual. You’ll find your new life in one of our beautiful apartment homes surrounded by wonderful friends and neighbors, first-class amenities and the stunning outdoor views of Rock Creek Park.    

Call (202) 905-0018 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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