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Pamela Mills, Director of Memory Care Programs
Posted: Monday, September 9, 2019

Insuring Well Being in those living with neurocognitive disorders

People like Dr. G. Allen Power (author of Dementia Without Drugs and Dementia Without Disease) as well as Dr. Thomas Kitwood (author of Dementia Reconsidered) have published multiple books focusing on the essentials of life beyond maintaining healthy bodies or brains.  They and others have identified traits such as identity, growth, autonomy, comfort, inclusion, security, connectedness, occupation, joy and meaning as essential contributions to every person’s well-being – with or without healthy bodies and brains.  Dr. Bill Thomas (creator of the Eden Alternative and Greenhouse models) states: “Well-being is a much larger idea than customer satisfaction. It is based on a holistic understanding of human needs and capacities.” For a person with a neurocognitive disorder, quality of life in a life plan community is the opportunity to age well. 

Why does Ingleside focus on its’ well-being philosophy? To experience well-being is to be on a path to a life worth living.  Our well-being philosophy differentiates our communities by consciously taking the steps with each person, to help them find not only their best residence, but also their best fit and live according to their best self.  We deliberately choose to put each person’s emotions, perceptions and preferences at the core of all practice. Each day we intend for a person to feel comfortable, recognized, understood and known.  We aim to build trust and understanding, while insuring that he or she lives each day with meaningful purpose. We realize that every voice matters and are there to listen, engage and enjoy the potential that each day has for us to experience together.

Ingleside’s philosophy of well-being bases its six elements on researched and verified best practices for enhancing the quality of life and well-being for all people by applying strengths-based approaches. Overall, the focus is on meeting the physiological and psychosocial needs of people with a neurocognitive disorder through practicing person directed living and a meaningful positive regard. 

The elements of Ingleside’s Philosophy of Well-being are:

  • Autonomy
  • Wellness
  • Purposeful Living
  • Connection
  • Being Seen
  • Authentic Living

Each element works in cooperation with the other – while sending the same intention of instilling person directed living and a high quality of life with each person.

In our future issues, we will define each element and demonstrate how we apply these principles in our day-to-day interactions with those living with cognitive change at Ingleside.


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