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Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2016
By: IRC Blog

Six Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional Wellness

No matter how much time we spend with others, we spend more time with ourselves. That is why awareness and acceptance of our own feelings is such an important part of emotional wellness. 

An emotionally well person is able to manage thoughts and feelings, and the behavior that stems from them. Emotional health determines to a large extent how successful we are with interpersonal relationships, how effectively we make personal choices and take responsibility for them, and how willing we are to take on challenges. 


Emotional wellness is one of the six components of wellness we have been exploring over the past few months. The six-dimensional wellness model was developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute. It holds that total wellness is not confined to physical health but also includes components of social, intellectual, vocational, spiritual and emotional wellness. 

Stress—or more accurately, how we respond to stressful events—can damage our emotional and physical wellness. That’s why it’s so important to develop good strategies for coping with emotional stress and times when we’re feeling a little down. For some people who maintain good emotional health during the warmer months, the advent of winter and the holidays can trigger stress. With awareness and attention, though, we can get through stressful times. 

Most older adults, researchers have found, actually enjoy higher levels of well-being and emotional stability than younger folks. That’s because older folks have had time to achieve goals, develop a sense of purpose and meaning, and generally have come to terms with their place in the world. 

Researchers recently have found that older people with a positive attitude about aging report more positive emotions and enjoy better emotional health than those who are affected by negative stereotypes of aging. That was the conclusion reached by investigators at North Carolina State University after they completed a study recently of adults 60 to 96 years old. 

Older adults are bombarded with negative aging stereotypes in the media, but emotionally well people who hold positive attitudes about aging are better able to cope with stress and maintain consistent emotional states. They are happier and healthier as well. The people in the study who reported positive attitudes were less likely to be hospitalized and generally had better cardiovascular functioning. 

At Ingleside at Rock Creek, we create a positive environment that emphasizes respect for every individual throughout the life span, and the active and engaged lifestyle that promotes emotional wellness. The residents of this unique retirement community in the heart of the District of Columbia maintain a positive connection with the world through physical activity, intellectual curiosity and fellowship with their neighbors. 

Among the amenities the community offers are a fully equipped gym, a beautiful indoor swimming pool, fitness classes and a location next to Rock Creek Park, where members can stroll paths and gardens to enjoy the tranquility of nature. The community offers residents many opportunities to explore their creativity, including an art studio where many members pursue their artistic passions or discover new hobbies such as mosaics. Minds get a workout, too, through brain workouts, lectures and movies. Residents have access as well to the world-class cultural and entertainment offerings of a major city. 

It’s no wonder, then, that Ingleside at Rock Creek residents are enjoying a good life, a positive outlook and a lifestyle that is conducive to total wellness. 

If you’d like to learn more about this extraordinary continuing care retirement community, please call us at 202-407-9672 or contact us here.








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