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Posted: Tuesday, June 23, 2015
By: IRC Blog

Mosaic artists raise money for IRC’s Resident Supporting Fund

One of the most exciting things about Ingleside at Rock Creek is that the residents have so much to teach each other. Each resident brings his or her own unique background, skills and interests to the community, and many are motivated to share their passions with others.

Bunty, who founded and leads the Mosaic Art Group, is a great example.

“I particularly enjoy teaching because the residents enjoy doing it,” she says. “They enjoy sitting and chatting with each other and sharing their life stories. What I hear is a mosaic of Ingleside—I get all the news from all sides!”

From its beginning nine years ago, the group has evolved from novice mosaic makers into artists whose work is sought after by collectors.

During Ingleside at Rock Creek’s Gala Weekend May 1-3, the group put together an exhibit that sold out and raised $1,480 for the Resident Supporting Fund.

“We also got a lot of commissions and orders,” Bunty says. “We’ve had quite a few orders for tissue box holders, one of the latest things one of the residents made, and we had a commission for a very large frame.”

Bunty arrived at the retirement community in June 2006, she brought years of experience making pieces such as transoms, windows and sidelights from leaded glass. Her art work was a great balance to her work in organizational development.

“When I came here, I knew I couldn’t bring lead with me, but I very much wanted to continue my glass work,” she says. “I had done a small amount of mosaic work, but not a lot.”

By the fall of 2006, Bunty had started making mosaic pieces in the art studio and found a number of residents to take the journey along with her.

“People came right from the beginning,” she says. “The first person who came when I started the group was an assisted living resident. She had been a watercolor artist and wanted to try this medium. She was about 95 at the time.”

The resident and the other members of the group soon were supplying their families with mosaic picture frames, vases, flowerpot holders, trays, platters and other objects. The group grew to about eight to ten people. Beginners started with small picture frames, choosing the colors they liked. Under Bunty’s tutelage, they learned to cut glass, mount and grout it to make individual pieces.

Six to eight people, both men and women, now attend the classes Bunty teaches every Tuesday and Thursday.

Members of the group collaborate to make a piece of public art each year that they present to Ingleside at Rock Creek.

“My favorite piece is the large cocktail table in the living room,” Bunty says. “I gave people blank circles of paper, and we went from there—it was an emerging design.”

The group has also contributed two large fruit still lifes that are displayed in the café.

As their skills developed, so did the inspiration for their designs. The fruit pieces were based on small postcards that came from the Abby Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg.

“One of the students is a very able person who makes what I call Picasso knockoffs,” Bunty says. She made a lovely, large platter and beautiful vases. “We pull our designs from wherever we can find them.”

Bunty and the members of the Mosiac Art Group embody the spirit of Ingleside at Rock Creek, where residents enjoy engaging with each other and the community and truly care about each other.

The mosaic artists made special pieces for the sale and took items off their own walls to raise money for the Resident Supporting Fund.

“The purpose is to enable residents who have run out of funds through no fault of their own to remain at Ingleside at Rock Creek,” Bunty says proudly. “That fund has been in operation for 100 years. Nobody has ever been asked to leave because they’ve run out of funds.”

If you would like to know more about the Resident Supporting Fund and how you can contribute, please click here.

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