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Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015
By: IRC Blog

Talented residents will display works of art in the Gallery

blog-artwall.jpgArt heals. People who work with seniors know it. The folks who regularly visit the art studio at Ingleside at Rock Creek know it.

Just ask one of the artists whose works will be displayed in the Gallery later this month. The exhibit by members of the drawing and painting classes will have a Grand Opening during the social hour at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 20.

Bet you’ll find that these artists are among the most relaxed and happy people you know.

We’ve long thought that creating art is a powerful resource for mental and physical well-being. Now science is bearing out the benefits of art.

Proven benefits of engaging in art include enriched relationships for those who take creative classes, a sense of playfulness, improved focus and attention, self-expression, self-discovery and renewed self-esteem.
A study at George Washington University tracked 300 people around the country whose average age was 80. During the course of the study, the people who participated in the creative arts scheduled fewer doctor’s appointments and took fewer medications than those in a control group.

Creating art empowers people who are going through the transitions that come with growing older. Through art, they are able to express emotions that they may not be comfortable expressing in other ways.

In fact, creating works of art is a powerful tool therapists use to boost enthusiasm for life among war veterans and people with Alzheimer’s.

Until recently, though, little was known about how creating art actually affects your brain.

A study in Germany looked at what happens within the brain when people create art, as compared with people who simply view and evaluate it. Researchers at several German universities studied two groups of people ages 62 to 70: a group that was taught various techniques and then created works of art, and another group that took an art appreciation course.

The researchers found that, among the artists, connections between different areas of the brain improved. In brain scans, the scientists found that the improvements took place in the areas of the brain associated with introspection, self-monitoring and memory. The researchers also found that the improvements in connectivity were related to better resistance to stress. The same connections were not seen in the art appreciation group.

These are just two of many studies that are demonstrating the value of creative activity. At Ingleside at Rock Creek, many enriching activities are available to residents. Classes in making mosaics, drawing and painting are a prominent part of the weekly event schedule.

Our artists are justly proud of their work. Stop by the Gallery on March 20 and take a look!

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