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Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2021
By: IRC Blog

10 Benefits of Assisted Living

If you or a parent is finding it more difficult to live at home, you no doubt are considering all the alternatives. Although it depends on everyone’s specific circumstances, the following tend to be the most common options:

If you or a parent is finding it more difficult to live at home, you no doubt are considering all the alternatives. Although it depends on everyone’s specific circumstances, the following tend to be the most common options:

  1. Remain in the home and rely more on family and friends to provide needed assistance

  2. Remain in the home and bring in outside services and home care

  3. Move in with an adult child or other family member

  4. Move into an assisted living community

To move or stay at home?

When making the decision, it’s often not just the actual house that may be making it harder to live alone, such as one with stairs or narrow hallways. You'll also want to consider any personal assistance that might be needed.

One of the biggest advantages of assisted living communities is their ability to provide everything in order to live a full and enriched life. Your loved one will receive quality care in an age-supportive environment yet will also be encouraged to remain as independent as possible.

Benefits of assisted living

Most people who move into assisted living prefer having their own residence but also feel safer knowing that help is always available. Assisted living offers this perfect setting. Not only do residents have privacy when wanted, all they have to do is walk out their front door when they’re ready for interaction.

Here are 10 of the top benefits of assisted living that you may want to consider:

1.  Assistance with activities of daily living

As we grow older, certain tasks, though simple, may become more of a challenge. If your loved one has difficulty dressing or grooming, assistance is available. You may have been concerned about your mother or father’s safety while bathing or managing their medications, but you can be reassured that help is there in assisted living.

2. Maintaining their independence

Residents of assisted living don’t need to sacrifice living life on their own terms. But they’ll appreciate knowing there’s a helping hand if needed. 

Make sure to look for communities that promote person-directed living and encourage their residents to make their own decisions - from how to spend their days, what and when to eat and what activities to enjoy.

3. Social interactions

The right community makes it easy to make new friends with opportunities that are almost limitless. Look for a full social calendar of activities and amenities that can be shared while meeting new neighbors and other residents -  whether it’s a Yoga class, dining together or having a great conversation while spending time outdoors.

4. Activities and exercise

Perhaps one of the bigger advantages of assisted living communities is the convenience of no longer having to drive to take a swim, get to the fitness center, attend a lecture or enjoy time painting or pursuing other artistic activities. There will be no shortage of things to do and it’s never been easier to exercise and stay in shape.

5.  Delicious and nutritious chef-prepared meals

After a lifetime of cooking or preparing meals, most residents in assisted living are more than happy to hang up the apron. It’s a pleasure to get to order off the menu from delicious choices, knowing that they’re also eating healthy. 

With the variety offered, your loved one is bound to find tasty meals and if there are any special dietary needs, those can be accommodated as well.

6. Safety and security

The right assisted living community can be the answer when it comes to safety. Both you and your loved one can be relieved from this worry. 

Living in a secured environment can be comforting, especially if they have been living at home alone. Knowing there is 24-hour security and that someone is always on-site helps residents and their adult children sleep easier.

7.  Maintenance-free living

A great benefit of assisted living is that the responsibilities for home repair and maintenance can be handed over without giving up independence. 

Your loved one will still have their own home and make their own decisions. But someone else will take care of housekeeping and maintenance, freeing up time they can spend as they please.

8. Transportation

If your family member no longer drives, the keys can easily be put away while they take advantage of scheduled transportation offered by the community. 

No need for your loved one to feel bad about asking for rides, which older adults often do. In assisted living, they can let the community drive them to their medical appointments, shopping or entertainment.

9.  Less stress and more fun

Even if family is able to visit your loved one often, we all need companionship and interaction with those who are our peers. 

And far from experiencing boredom, a full social calendar awaits if your loved one makes an assisted living community home. Making friends is almost guaranteed and sharing activities could never be easier.

10. A home to age well

Families often overlook the type of renovations or remodeling that would be required to bring a loved one’s current home to the level where aging could easily and safely be accomplished. 

Houses often have steps and stairs, narrow hallways and doors and bathrooms that don’t accommodate assistive equipment or even grab bars. Assisted living communities have been designed to support aging-in-place.

Ingleside at Rock Creek Assisted Living

If your loved one needs help with the activities of daily living, you may have found the perfect choice. At Ingleside at Rock Creek Assisted Living, we help our residents with dressing, bathing and grooming, medication management and meals, to only name a few, as well as provide scheduled transportation.

But the benefits of assisted living go even further.

You’ll find private residences so your loved one can maintain privacy, and many social opportunities that provide fun, education and artistic endeavors. The possibilities to meet and make new friends are easy and ongoing with so many activities and events. 

And our compassionate team is not only here to help your loved one with basic tasks but to encourage them to live a full and enriched life.

If you’d like more information about assisted living, please download our complimentary guide Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living.    

Please visit our website for more information. Call (202) 846-2651 if you have any questions or schedule a personalized tour today.


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