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An illustrious past meets an exceptional future.
Together we are committed to creating meaningful lives of purposeful engagement for every resident as well as those who serve them.

Resident Stories


Our Residents come from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds and come together to make up this vibrant and friendly community. Here are a few of their personal stories.


Resident Testimonial

Ingleside at Rock Creek Resident

"There is a real rhythm to life here. The District has a beat, and it resonates in the vibrant life here at Ingleside at Rock Creek. I feel I have one foot in the countryside and one in the city, and the diverse and interesting friends and neighbors are a plus."

One might say the pipe organ was instrumental in Judy's calling. With a master's degree and an honorary doctorate in liturgical music, this native Arizonan enjoyed a career as a highly accomplished musician and teacher. Her husband's position with the National Academy of Science brought her to Washington, a move that proved to be the perfect fit.

"I am still very active outside the community. I do volunteer work as well as sing with community choruses. I have a continuation of friends who meet here for dinner and I'm within walking distance of Politics and Prose, a great gathering place for people interested in reading and discussing books."


Resident Testimonial

Mary Alice and Bill
Ingleside at Rock Creek Residents

"Our joy comes from committing to share the best of the wonderful life we have among great friends and neighbors in a beautiful place that we truly love."

Dr. Clotworthy, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, moved to Ingleside at Rock Creek about the same time as Mary Alice. Mary Alice has a masters degree in International Law and Diplomacy. Each had lost a spouse of long standing at about the same time. Bill and Mary Alice got acquainted and decided to marry; the first time in the 107 years of Ingleside that two residents married. Bill was 90 years of age. A large wedding reception was held at Ingleside, for all residents and many outside friends, and featured Bill's heartfelt rendition of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart". There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Bill and Mary Alice are another example of the interesting and diverse people who call Ingleside at Rock Creek their home.


Resident Testimonial

Ingleside at Rock Creek Resident

"My requirements for a community were that they have all three levels of care and an indoor swimming pool. This is the only community in the District to fit the, I don't think you could find a warmer more friendly group of people than you'll find here at Ingleside at Rock Creek."

Bertha has been responsible for a lot of bright smiles in her lifetime, smiles she continues to bring out in others every day.

Another interesting and gifted member of our community, Bertha received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Howard University and added her specialty in Pediatric Dentistry from Michigan. She then opened a practice in Berkeley, California, then Los Angeles before finally returning to her favorite city, Washington D.C., where she practiced until 1995. Even after retiring she shared her talents and experience by teaching at her Alma Mater, Howard University, until just recently.

In terms of her move to Ingleside at Rock Creek, she advises to move as early you can, to get to know the community. She explains. "You will get a chance to appreciate all the community has to offer while remaining independent. Life just seems to get bigger here."

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